Tuesday, December 26, 2006

De Kijk van Van Dyck: The year of extremes

2006 was - as expected - a year of extremes. It was a year of violence and murder. Think of the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark and the strong reactions to it in the muslim world. On the other hand it was a year of solidarity and togetherness. The vital consumer is getting more and more to the forefront. This new consumer is individualistic, but this does not exclude him from fighting for a better world. It enriches him as an individual; collective self-interest, you could say.

Here in Belgium we witnessed a massive expression of these feelings of solidarity last weekend in Leuven with Studio Brussel's 'Music for Life' campaign. Three radio DJ's locked themselves up in a house of glass and gathered 2,5 million euros for the battle against landmines.

Read all about it in this week's column.

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