Monday, December 04, 2006

International Marketing Congress (Ghent): Jaffe Juice

Saturday morning Joseph Jaffe kicked off with a discourse on his book 'Life after the 30-second spot'.

The most important thing that I take home from Jaffe is his hypothesis: The internet is the integrator. Internet will lead integration efforts in the next wave of the evolution of marketing, he states. Jaffe thinks all communications should evolve around the internet.

On De Standaard Weblog you can listen to the discourse he gave last Saturday. For those who prefer sound accompanied with images, here is a video of Jaffe at PICNIC '06: Cross Media Week, past September in Amsterdam.

For more info on his book go here, his weblog Jaffe Juice you can find here.

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Joseph Jaffe said...

Thanks for the post Fons. Hope to stay in touch!

-- Joseph