Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brands: Shell's Shell

Fuel giant Shell is to launch a fresh retail identity. Conran Design Group has created a look that features an increased use of white, clearly highlights information on prices and special offers, and enables customers to enter and exit the forecourts easily.

In addition, the logo has been replaced by a three-dimensional shell-shaped symbol, which will appear on canopies and monolith signs across the global retail sites. The design can currently be seen as a prototype at some of Shell’s retail sites in Turkey and will launch globally throughout 2007. The previous design was created by Addison.

Bruce Rosengarten, Shell’s global vice president of retail marketing, says: ‘Our new retail visual identity will help to keep our brand image modern and up-to-date. It is designed to increase the speed and ease through our forecourts and will enable us to effectively communicate about our products.’

Shell has revised its corporate identity regularly over the years, but has retained the basic elements of the name, colours and typeface for almost a century.

Source: designWEEK

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