Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wii would like to play

As Christmas-time is approaching, a few of you might recognize themselves when I tell you my children want a Wii-console for Christmas.
Like the iPod a few years ago (or was it last year?), the Wii is expected to become one of the end-of-the year hits, on top of all child’s wishlist.

But don’t be surprised if your sprouts aren’t the only ones who want a Wii. Adults love it as well. Video-gaming doesn’t only appeal to children, as you already know. It is though remarkable how Nintendo achieved to fulfill the needs of casual gamers (which, in contrast to “hardcore” gamers, play in series of short time slices, though we all know how addictive games like Tetris or brain training can be)
But with the Wii, Nintendo went a step further than just casual gaming: with its motion sensing controller, the gaming experience is more intense. By making crazy movements, console-gaming has become more fun. The the Wii sets up a social experience and connects people in front of the telly, probably reflected in its slogan “Wii would like to play”.

The Wii widened the market for videogames: in contrast to the other consoles, which appeal to a rather male audience, the Wii’s customer demographics are equally female and male (while only 11% of the PlayStation 3 users are female). Not surprising, giving recent study by Information Solutions Group (ISG) that 76% casual gamers are female.
It is thus time that marketing managers realize that females are entering the main stream gaming market, and remove the babes section on gamers websites or promo-girls disguised in Lara Croft.

So don’t be surprised, if your parents show up a little more often at home to play with their grandsons and daughters around the Wii.

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