Tuesday, May 22, 2007

30 seconds

Over the last few years, several sources have announced the end of traditional advertising and the 30 seconds commercial. The latest campaign and sales figures of Apple provide proof of the contrary. Since 2006, Apple uses the same 2 characters in a simple white setting in its commercials. One of them is the personification of a Mac, the other more formal person plays a PC. In the commercials the benefits of Apple are stressed out. At the end of each commercial, Mac is the smart guy and PC the idiot. See the latest commercial below, or the whole series on the Apple website.

The commercials didn't harm the sales figures of Mac: in the first 3 months of 2007, sales went up with 36 percent, 3 times more than the market. The Mac-case shows that good advertising still works. Consumers are not averse to advertising, as long as there is a good story and original idea, that expresses well what the brand stands for. However, innovation is key, both in concept and communications channels! Read all about it in this week's column.

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