Tuesday, May 08, 2007

De Kijk van Van Dyck: 'Planckendael'

Planckendael, the animal parc situated near Mechelen, has welcomed more than 100 000 visitors during the last Easter holiday and has thus doubled the number of visitors compared to last year. The nice weather is one factor, but the effect of 'Het Leven zoals het is Planckendael', the weekly TV show on the national channel 'één', clearly has had its effect too.

The TV show is the perfect example of excellent product placement: the presence of a commercial brand in a mass medium like a movie or TV show. More classical examples are the presence of Jupiler in 'De Kampioenen' or Toyota in 'Flikken'.

Vlekho Business School has researched the effect of product placement and finds that product placement is a valid alternative for classical tv-commercials, depending on the objectives of the brand.

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