Thursday, November 02, 2006

Consumer: "Generation Y won't produce any great leaders"

I was surprised reading the very defensive commentaries from employers on the latest SD Worx study (De Morgen, 31 Oct. 2006) about the new generation employees. Youngsters (- 30 year-olds) would not be prepared to work hard anymore, they are running away from their responsabilities and they are not loyal anymore. This is a quite negative point of view. I think this is because they do not fully understand this new generation.

The findings of the SD Worx study confirm what we already found more than a year ago in our Youth Study. We prefer to call this new generation, 18-30 year-olds, the New Pragmatics.

We found that this generation is still prepared to work hard. In contrast with perception of some HR managers, it seems. But their spare time is at least as important to them. They want the best of both worlds. And I think they actually succeed in doing so.

Here you can find more information on our research. For more information on the New Pragmatics and their working attitudes, do not hesitate to contact us,

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