Monday, October 30, 2006

Research: Urban Youth

Marketing features an article about Youth Marketing. Urban youth, it states, is one of the most important, but perhaps least understood, segments of society.

Interesting, as we conducted our own youth research at think BBDO, last year.

Marketing features 5 common mistakes in researching youth:
1. Getting down with the kids is not simply a case of putting a group of them in a focus group. Effective communications are based on dialogue.
2. Urban slang is a code that will be changed as soon as outsiders think they have cracked it.
3. Middle-class, middle-aged marketers cannot even begin to understand 18-year-olds. Talk to people who do.
4. Avoid tokanistic communications. Understand the aspirations of the audience and build a relationship with them from which they also benefit.
5. Young people are fiercely tribal. Each group mus be targeted accordingly.

Brands with urban appeal: New era, Ecko, Red Bull, Nokia, Adidas, Nike.

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